CTC Advanced WiFi

Ready for hassle-free WiFi?

Take the difficulty out of setting up and managing your home WiFi network. With the rapid rise of internet connected devices, you have an endless amount of technology competing for bandwidth in your home. Is your WiFi ready to support the future of technology? If you want your WiFi to be fast, secure, and future-proof give us a call today!

Ease of Use

With Advanced WiFi, you won’t need a background in IT to troubleshoot your network issues. CTC will handle all the heavy lifting, often catching problems before they happen. Advanced WiFi allows CTC to analyze your home network and customize your WiFi routers settings to make all your internet connected devices run faster.

Remote Management

CTC provides a WiFi experience that’s second to none. But if you do have any technical issues, we’ve got you covered with sophisticated remote monitoring and diagnostics that help us quickly identify and resolve any problems you may be experiencing—and, in most cases, without having to send a technician to your home.

Our experienced customer support representatives can see which of your devices are connected, which ones are having issues and help you troubleshoot and solve the problem quickly. In fact, we can perform a wide range of diagnostics to make sure you’re getting the best possible service. We can even tell you if you need to add a Mesh Satellite to your network to optimize your WiFi performance.

  • Uptime of your Router - Is your gateway functioning correctly or powered on consistently?
  • Interference on WiFi channels - Make sure other devices aren’t interfering with your WiFi signal.
  • Internet errors - If your router or your Internet connection is weak or malfunctioning, we can monitor recent and current errors.
  • Ethernet ports being used - How many devices are plugged in directly to your router? Are the Ethernet ports functioning correctly?
  • Connected devices - We can make sure your devices are connected to the Internet and receiving a strong WiFi signal.
  • Password and setting changes - If you need assistance, we can help you by changing your WiFi password or wireless settings from our office.

Serious Security

If your WiFi isn’t secure, you are vulnerable to having private information like your passwords, bank details and credit card numbers stolen. Advanced WiFi secures your network with 24/7 monitoring, automatic tracking of all users and devices and wireless intrusion detection and prevention.

What is included?

The best thing about our solution is that we take care of it. You don’t have to try and select the right kind of router, you don’t have to worry about updating firmware – we make sure it supports the latest devices, the fastest speeds and help to keep your WiFi secure. If you ever have any problems, we are here to help!

Upgrade to Advanced WiFi for just $15/month
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