Endless Internet Possibilities

CTC Business prides itself on serving its customers and finding creative solutions for your business internet needs. CTC uses a unique architecture that leverages the existing network of major fiber networks throughout the United States. With the ability to run data over a multitude of diverse routes, CTC can get network to even the most remote offices, connecting all your branches under one provider. CTC also has a variety of ways to get data to your business including, Fiber, EoC, EoTDM, Point-to-Point Wireless Circuits, and DSL. With CTC as your Internet Provider, you can rest assured that if your business needs to be connected, CTC will make it happen.

Broadband Business Plans

Experience faster speeds with a reliable internet connection backed by a fiber-optic network.

25 Mbps

3 MB Upload

50 Mbps

50 MB Upload

100 Mbps

100 MB Upload

250 Mbps

250 MB Upload

500 Mbps

500 MB Upload

1000 Mbps

1000 MB Upload

Dedicated Fiber

Internet is the lifeblood of many businesses. If staying connected is important to you, fiber is a no-brainer. With a 99.99% uptime, fiber is the most reliable form of internet connectivity on the market today. You can rest easy knowing your important applications are backed by a dedicated point to point circuit provided by CTC Business.

Unlike your internet connection at home, Dedicated Fiber is not shared. This means your bandwidth is always available, even during the most mission-critical moments of your workday.


Because your connection is not shared, Fiber is inherently more secure. This allows your company to transmit sensitive data, Internet, and voice traffic over a protected and reliable network.


As your business and data needs grow, so can your internet speeds. With symmetrical connections from 5mb to 10GB, CTC Business will work with you to ensure your business growth is not stunted by bandwidth.


Fiber is much stronger and more flexible than a traditional copper network thus making it more resistant to human or electrical interference. It is also less susceptible to extreme weather conditions, which can damage or stall data transmission on an older network.

Wireless Failover

In this day and age Internet is the life blood of successful businesses. Phones, Point-of-Sales, and inventory systems all rely on a dependable connection. Imagine your company’s wired Internet connection fails during peak business hours and your customers can’t reach you. The consequences of just a few minutes of downtime could result in a major impact to your business's bottom line and your company reputation.

For those businesses whose success depends on staying connected with their customers, CTC Business is proud to offer an always-on, cost-effective 4G LTE wireless backup to keep your phone system running at all times.

  • Immediate connectivity in the event of an unexpected outage.
  • Never miss a call, even when your data network is down
  • Lower cost compared to a wired backup.
  • Nationwide coverage - ideal for multi-location businesses

Wireless Internet

While fiber is the best internet transport method, it's not always easy to build to certain areas or businesses. Where fiber internet isn't available, a Wireless point-to-point setup makes a great option. With our wireless technology, we can deliver internet to even the remotest of companies.

Business Pricing

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Up to 10 Mbps

2 MB Upload

Up to 20 Mbps

4 MB Upload

Up to 50 Mbps

10 MB Upload

Up to 100 Mbps

20 MB Upload

Reduce Latency and Jitter with CTC Business Internet & Phone

Don't you hate when you miss your connecting flight when traveling? So does your voice traffic. Whether your phone call's destination is a customer down the street or a vendor half way across the world, you want to minimize the number of connections (or "hops") your call needs. Otherwise, you run the risk of experiencing poor call quality resulting from voice packets or data being left behind.

To reduce this jitter and latency, go with CTC Business internet. With your internet and phones running through the same data center, your phone calls have a direct path to their destination resulting in crystal clear phone calls and a dependable connection.