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COVID-19 Update to follow Idaho Stage Three Re-opening


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Effective May 29, 2020, Gov. Little has put Idaho into Stage 3 recovery with specific protocols for reopening or returning to business.  Effective June 2, 2020, in keeping with the requirements and following guidelines to keep our employees working safe and giving our customers the best service possible, CTC will operate as follows:


Business Office Update

Cambridge Office: The Cambridge Business office will be open to the public and to customers. 

Council, Boise, Meridian Offices: The doors of these offices will still be locked to foot traffic, but we will be at work and on-call, as always. We need to protect you, and our employees, so we are available to provide services in this critical time. We are taking calls, answering emails, and conducting business as close to usual as possible.


Field Technicians Update

We continue to take care of install and repair calls. We are prioritizing the requests based on need, so please be patient. Our team will be contacting you prior to dispatching technicians for the day in regard to your household health.  Please understand that while we want to make sure your telecommunications needs are met, we must also protect our employees. 

Techs will now be able to enter customer homes using the proper precautions. Technicians will adhere to the following personal protection procedures: 

  • FACE MASKS will be properly worn anytime a tech enters a customer’s residence (including garage area) or business.
  • GLOVES will be put on prior to the tech exiting the vehicle at a customer’s premises. New gloves will be put on any time techs leave and re-enter a home or business.
  • HAND SANITIZER & DISINFECTANT SPRAY will be used before and after any job and as needed to keep hands, equipment, and tools clean and germ-free.

If a Technician arrives at a location that they feel is unsafe, they will not enter the residence or business. As a general rule, any work at the customer premise should be to get the customer an Internet/Phone Connection established to the router device. Any further WiFi or internet issues will be handled by Internet Tech support if possible. 

We appreciate your understanding during this time.


Our Network is Performing Well

Our network is handling the increased Internet traffic exceptionally well. If your service is not meeting your needs, please reach out, and we will do all we can to improve your Internet connections and other services.

Thank you in advance for your understanding as we monitor the situation and make adjustments during these challenging times. Our employees are committed to serving our community with excellence, and we’re encouraged by the positive feedback we have been getting from you, our customers. We’re in it together.


Free WiFi Hotspots

CTC is working closely with the Superintendent of Cambridge and Council schools to help meet the needs of students during this unique time. To support the students of our local communities, CTC is providing five WiFi hotspots. These free hotspots allow for students to be able to get their work done even if they don't have the necessary bandwidth or internet access at their home. 

The five hotspots are located at:

  • - Cambridge CTC Office (130 North Superior St, Cambridge, ID 83610)
  • - Cambridge Library (120 Superior St, Cambridge, ID 83610)
  • - Council CTC Office (108 Moser Ave, Council, ID 83612)
  • - Council Library (104 California Ave, Council, ID 83612)
  • - Lowman (7265 ID-21, Lowman, ID 83637)

The five locations have a WiFi SSID of Free Student WiFi and do not require passwords. For your safety, we recommend that you observe social distancing guidelines and use these hotspots from inside your vehicle. 

We have also increased the bandwidth at each of the libraries to handle student's needs of uploading and downloading assignments. 



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