Transform the Way You Communicate

Hosted Voice from CTC Business lets you focus on your business instead of your phone system. CTC Business' Hosted Voice provides flexibility, affordability, reliability, and simplicity with a Voice over IP phone system that blows away a premise-based system.

Professional Service

Financial Savings

Hosted Voice offers a lower total cost of ownership versus a premise-based PBX because we own, operate, and maintain the equipment. Using CTC Business' server system, savings are substantial because you avoid the cost of equipment, maintenance, upgrades, and support.

Business Continuity

Your phones will always be up and running. Whether the power is out or the Internet is down, your calls will be automatically rerouted to a cell phone, home phone, or another business location.


Hosted Voice integrates numerous office locations into one: working from home, the office, or locations across town or across the country. Your employees can communicate with your customers anywhere and anytime through features like call forwarding, simultaneous ring, and Anywhere.


Hosted Voice has expanded functionality such as Unified Communications, E-Fax, Voice and Video Conferencing, Call Reporting and Recording, Call Center, Voicemail to E-mail, and more.

  • Professionally Managed
  • Feature Rich
  • Multi-Location Compliant
  • Cloud Friendly
  • Data Center Security
  • Easy Upgrade Services


CTC Business' high-powered hosted business phone system was designed to help your business communicate more effectively with your customers and increase employee collaboration. With High Definition Phones and features like Voicemail to Email, Simultaneous ring, and Disaster Recovery, we can customize your system to meet any one of your company’s needs.

Call Recording and Reporting

CTC Business' innovative call recording and reporting platform manages the call accounting, reporting, analytics, tracking, and recording of call data invaluable to small, medium, and enterprise clients. With over 200 available reporting options, your business can make cost-saving and revenue-generating decisions based on actual data.

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